It's time to invite friends and family to our monthly Metabolic Meet-up. This free meeting is a way to stay connected to metabolically minded people in the San Diego area.If you are:

  • low carb
  • high fat
  • carnivore
  • primal foodie
  • low carb paleo
  • diabetic
  • interested in fat loss
  • high performance
  • keto for cancer
  • interested in HORMONE BALANCE

This meeting is for you! Dr. Brian and PA Leah of San Diego Metabolic Health and Primary Care will be there. Doug and Pam of Low Carb USA and the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners will also be there. Dr. Brian and Leah will be speaking on the subject of HORMONES. If you are interested or concerned about hormones, these experts will have answers!Please come see our new location! For those who absolutely can't come to beautiful Blossom Valley, we will be live-streaming this event at  

Reminder:  this meeting is at

TriSystem EAST
15324 Sleepy Creek Rd.
El Cajon, Ca 92021

not our Clairemont Location.

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