Fast-track Your Company’s Health and Performance

There are more Corporate Wellness plans than ever and most are ineffective and closing their doors because,  what they are doing is not working!

Fact 1:

Most of the world is over-fat

  • 2 out of 3 women
  • 3 out of 4 men

Fact 2:

The majority of Americans are becoming diabetic.

Fact 3:

A high carb low fat diet with consistent cardio won’t work for most people.

Fact 4:

What is taught by others as the best strategy for fat loss and fitness will only work for 10-15% of your workforce!

We have the solution and the coaches to get 100% of your employees there.

Workers who reverse their chronic diseases and adhere to our  personal health coaching as a habit will not need an increasing number of drugs in increasing doses to treat nutrition-related diseases. Anti-diabetes drugs have side effects and are expensive over a lifetime.  They will likely not get the complications associated with those diseases.

Positive measurable outcomes include less sick days, less personal days and more productive work days.  Effective workplace wellness inspires a sense of community and corporate caring among co-workers.  Employees that feel better and look better who also have positive attitudes towards their workplace will perform better in their job tasks

Measurement of progress within our program include documented:

  • fat loss
  • lean gain
  • lower fasting insulin
  • lower A1C 
  • lower blood glucose
  • lower triglycerides
  • healthy cholesterol
  • healthy blood pressure

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