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Programs for Horse People

Time efficient effective programs for people that would rather be with their horse.  This will Motivate and Empower you, to do what you love to do, better, Guaranteed!

Fit to be free!

Meeting other horse people, my impression is owning a horse centers on the fact that riding and caring for the horse takes enough time and effort that staying fit should just come naturally, along with the lifestyle. Grooming, feeding, saddling and tacking up are not easily done if you lack energy, mobility and the ability to quickly move out of the horse’s way, if need be.

The first problem unique to horse owners is that caring for your horse or horses is not going to keep you in shape even if you do it full time.  Even modern fulltime cowboys and farriers have shorter careers than in the past do to modern health dilemmas.  Among horse owners, there is an increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, limiting the time we have to do what we love.  Easily accessed processed foods and other technology like smart phones and computers have hastened poor posture, muscle loss and fat gain and even affected bone density. 

There is no way around this other than to eat right and to exercise to offset these modern challenges.  The question is how?  Everyone thinks they know what healthy food is and the right exercise is, but most don’t.  If they did, they’d be healthy, they’d be fit.  We solved this by figuring out what works for each individual client and have seen it work over and over again for years.

The second problem unique to horse owners is that most horse owners would rather be with their horse than spend hours in the gym and the kitchen, doing things they don’t want to do and eating food they don’t want to eat.  We’ve solved this by streamlining custom workouts you can do anywhere, that take only minutes, not hours and that are extremely effective.  We’ve solved this by pin-pointing foods that are specific to your body that taste good to you and don’t take a lot of prep.

The third and final problem unique to horse owners is that horse people spend most of their money on their horses with not much left over. We’ve solved that problem by making our programs affordable with no long term commitment, paying as you go.  In fact most of our horse owning clients only pay a portion of the full price, some even get their program for free because, horse people know other horse people and with the kind of results we get, it is easy to refer people you know who want to have the energy, stamina, strength and health to spend more time with their horse for years to come.  When you refer someone to our program for horse owners, you pay less.  The more you refer, the less you pay!

So what do you say? Start this health and fitness journey specifically designed for horse people.  I know you’ll be glad you did and I know your horse will too.

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I finally found what's right for me...

There is so much information out there,  With all the social media and web stuff being promoted for fitness, I didn't know what was right for me.  I found that with the TriSystem Better Ride Program.  I'm choosing to manage my health with the right nutrition and exercise and I'm actually riding better!

Carli Johnson  //  Member

The Rodeo grounds are full of "Bro Science"...

If you want to be lead astray, just look for information from a cowboy at the rodeo.  The horse stalls are filled with pseudo-science and sales pitches.  I know TriSystem has the credentials and experience to guide me through the complicated world of diet and exercise even while I'm on the road.  Now I am confident that if I take supplement, it is science based rather than just some fad.

Danny Guaderrama  //  Member

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