We are finally back for good!  The Low Carb San Diego Group is back with a new name.  We are now called the Metabolic Health Group of San Diego.  We are kicking off 2024 with new speakers, new vendors, a new location and a new format.  Our talks will be short, "sweet" and to the point.   We want the meetings to not be long and drawn out but, a chance to get some good information that is current and impactful, learn about products and resources that will enhance metabolic health, longevity and quality of life and socialize.  This is also a chance to meet other metabolically-minded people in your community.  Our goal is to bring people together with common health goals and views to help and support each other.  You are not alone!  It takes a helping hand to succeed, and we want to bring those hands together in a friendly, social environment.  Carnivores, keto people, low carb advocates,  sugar addicts, diabetics, foodies and those professionals that support this community are all welcome.  Members of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners, Metabolic Health and Primary Care, San Diego and TriSystem will all be there.  If you are a longtime member of our group, we expect you to be there.  

If you are new to this whole metabolic thing, and want to hear about healthy low carb, high fat, meat-eating and more, come check us out!

This meeting will be at the new TriSystem East Location - 15324 Sleepy Creek Road, El Cajon, Ca 92021.  It's a whole new scene,  tranquil and pleasant in the sprawling East-county hills of Blossom Valley.  Come enjoy yourself in a health promoting environment designed to reduce stress while learning how to make things better.

           TriSystem East - 15324 Sleepy Creek Road,                 El Cajon, Ca 92021

Our speakers this meeting will inspire you and help you problem solve as they discuss significant issues that hinder our health goals.  We love our family, (well at least we try to) and we love food (who doesn't).  Both are intertwined in our lives inescapably.  So how do you make food and family work for you rather than against you?  That's the question  our speakers are going to attempt to answer.  I'm  going to also revisit the exogenous ketone discussion.  Should we or should we not take ketone supplements and what type? The total of all 3 presentations shouldn't take more than an hour.  That's 20 minutes each.  That leaves more time for questions and answers and just socializing with each other after.  Sound like fun?  It does to me.  Rumor has it that Lisa James will be bringing her special layered keto dip, so try so bring some pork rinds.  Yum!  The meeting is scheduled for 2-4 pm.  Longtime members, please come early to help set up and if you can, stay late to help clean up.  See you there!

Jeff Kotterman

along with Brian Lenzkes,

Founders of Metabolic Health Group, San Diego

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