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The Research...

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It Makes You Feel Alive and Younger…but It’s Stressful …My Back and Legs Ache”: A Focus Group Study Encouraging Resistance Training Around Retirement

Personal training was essential to these cancer patients:  Benefits of resistance training are not preserved after cessation of supervised training in prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy

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Are you going to be a victim or a victor in these challenging new times?  There are gym, beach and even park closures due to polution, vandalism and a rough economy!  Don't be a statistic!  Don't throw away you health and fitness goals and gain that complacent weight.  It is very important to avoid getting sick but, it is also important to stay healthy and in-shape in order to prevent all the other life-threatening things that may come our way.   Stay strong and keep moving forward towards your goals!

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Click here for our class schedule.   Please consider Our Premier Professional Service. This includes frequent interaction with our qualified practitioners to get you the answers you need.   You are welcome to do an assessment on your own but, we don't recommend it..  Would you like someone to help you?  Click here or Call 888-538-2348 



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Please click the above button to receive your Free Clinical Assessment.  This evaluation takes a little effort on your part to honestly answer the questions enclosed and acquire the measurements and data only your body can provide.   You are welcome to do the assessment on your own but, we don't recommend it.  Answering the questions and tracking this information as it changes will give you tools to get healthy right from the start.  Working with a practitioner will accelerate your results.  Would you like someone to help you?  Click here or Call 888-538-2348 

I finally got the help I needed...

There is so much information out there,  With all the social media and web stuff being promoted, I didn't know who was giving real and correct information.  I found that with the TriSystem Health Network.  I'm choosing to manage my health with the right nutrition and exercise and I'm medication free!

DANA MOORE  //  Member

The Gym is full of "Bro Science"...

If you want to be lead astray, just look for information from your friends at the gym.  The locker room is filled with pseudo-science and sales pitches.  I know my coach has the credentials and experience to guide me through the complicated world of diet and exercise.  Now I am confident that if I take a vitamin or supplement, it is science based rather than just some fad.

MARC JACOBS  //  Member

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