Do you know Tina Kotterman, Co-Owner, CPT and Fitness Chef?

Tina and Jeff Kotterman, Owners of TriSystem

After a short hiatus during our move and construction, Tina will be back to a weekly schedule, seeing clients with openings on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at our new Blossom Valley location. She is excited to both reconnect with old clients and see new ones, training with her unique style on our new and different equipment.

For those of you who don’t know her, Tina has been active from a very young age, playing youth sports, horseback riding and just being outside. She began weight training as a young adult and experienced personal training as a client in her early 20’s. She has experience training in her own home gym and in the “big box” gyms in San Diego. She married Jeff in 1997 and soon became certified through the National Association for Fitness Certification later that year. By 1999 Tina contributed to the start of the National Association of Sports Nutrition and became certified in Resistance Training, Fitness Assessment and as a Health Advocate. She is also certified as a Personal Trainer through the NASN.

Tina has a passion for fitness and nutrition. That passion extends into the kitchen with her love for healthy tasty food. Tina has years of experience as a TriSystem Fitness Chef both preparing and teaching others to prepare delicious TriSystem recipes for clients and fans. She makes family meals a priority and her reputation as an exemplary cook precedes her. Her love for family coupled with her skill with food provides a great opportunity to make the dinner table a great place to both bless and positively encourage and influence all who sit at her table.

We are excited that Tina will be available to personally train clients exclusively at our Blossom Valley location. She is in high demand, training only during the day while also managing TriSystem finances and supporting her family. To schedule a consult with Tina, click here and be sure to request her.

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